Team 15 – Clyde Barracudas


Clyde Windsurfing Club (CWC) operate a youth (8-15) windsurfing section  during the season at Castle Semple Loch. The centre has changing rooms and shower facilities. We aim to allow juniors access to the sport at a very reasonable cost and to learn the basic skills of windsurfing in as safe an environment as possible. The team is open to sailors between the ages of 8 and 15 (inclusive). This season we will run the sessions on Mondays between 6pm and 8pm.

If you like to take part please contact Katie on katie@clydewindsurfing.co.uk or call 07769908830 for details.


RYA qualified windsurfing instructor/s and dedicated safety cover with the clubs own rescue boat operated by RYA qualified personnel. All children are required to become a club members. Check for the dates on the club calendar.

Please remember, the T stands for TEAM, throughout the summer are some events scheduled that are designed to give the T15 sailors a taste for some friendly racing and competition. These events are aimed to be fun and also to help the sailor progress and learn. While in no way compulsory it’ll be great for everyone to consider trying to attend at least some of those (the kids always have great fun!).